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Thread: Hi there i had a question about AO

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    Confused Hi there i had a question about AO

    My dh is in bootcamp at the moment but his job is AO i was wondering if anyone could tell me alittle about it and what to expect.....Thanks ya'll alot!!!
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    I dunno but hopefully someone does
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    I'll pm you!!!
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    My DH is an AO. It is a very hard rate to explain but in a nutshell expect long hours and a very tired and dirty man. Also start to like the smell of jet fule. My DH is alsways either working on a flight line or flight deck loading bombs onto jet's or doing other stuff with the jets. He is gone alot. He has always been with a squadron but a few years ago he went ships company. He was an RDC in Great Lakes for for years before he went to Bahrain and I came to Va. Now we are in Va waiting on our last duty station before we retire. He likes a squadron better. Now he is off the flight deck and behind a desk. He prefers being in the action. He does not like being on the boat after being in a squadron almost his entire career. He loves being an AO. Feel free to PM me if you have anymore questions. So much is involved it is so hard to put down.

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