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    I know it might seem selfish, but understand I feel completely destroyed already. My boyfriend leaves for Marines Basic in a few weeks. I've known since I've meet him that he wanted to be a Marine. He joined without saying, but I guess because I never said don't he figured I didn't care...luckily he joined the reserves. After he signed up (he was only 17) I was forced to move to NC from FL to care for my grandmother. I was away from him for a year, we talked nightly, visited 2 times in 8 months & send presents/mail. Still, I was so depressed without him. We were in high school. I sat home missing him, hoping to be with him & all the long giving up the time when most teenage girls are going to football games, playing beer pong, and dating. He was worth the wait & missing out on those stupid things. I know how hard that was, so I can't imagine 3 months with only letters & not hearing that voice every night.

    I remember feeling so alone even when I knew I had his love. I missed his cuddles & holding his hand. The few nights we couldn't talk on the phone I cried myself to sleep.

    We have been living together now for 2 months. The first real young love. Our families were shocked we made it after a 1&half. We have been told things wont last, we are too young, and we'll understand. I use to him sleeping next to me, holding me in the middle of the night when I cant sleep, doing dishes, saying i love you. I cant imagine the next three months without that. I feel completely broken all ready.

    I know I seem whinny & stupid. But this is so hard for me but I'm trying so far to be supportive & be the ideal girlfriend.

    I'm willing to understand what forever means with him. We want the same things in the future.

    What happens if he comes back different? What if he isn't him, if that makes sense. I'm afraid. I'm terrified reserves will get called to duty. I have so much respect for you all, but I feel completely like I'll never make it.

    Its not that I dont love him, I love him so much. He has literally been all I have. I don't want to lose the only thing I have.
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    He may come back different but how do you know it won't be a fantastic type of different. I know it can be so painful at first. You get into a routine and to have that broken throws everything in your life out of whack. You can do this though. Take it one day at a time and set small goals for yourself so you have something that keeps you going.
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    he most likely will come back different. but like brittanyjo said, it might be a fantastic kind of different. i know that DH came back changed... and overall, for the better. yes, he may be kind of akward and unemotional after graduation, but thats to be expected. they break those recruits down completely, in order to make strong marines. Try not to worry about it too much. Just be proud of him and im sure your love for eachother is strong enough to work through any complications that may arrive.

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