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Thread: Anyone have any info on Ft. Jackson basic training?

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    Anyone have any info on Ft. Jackson basic training?

    My bf left for bct at ft. jackson SC on tuesday and I was wondering if anyone knew any of the privelages that the soldiers earn and when they get to call and write home.
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    Since he just got there Tuesday, he is still in reception. Once he gets to his platoon, he should call to let you know he is safe and give you his addy. Privileges are up to the DS's. For the most part, you will get calls on Sundays after the hunny i'm ok call.

    Edit: In basic the privileges are very slim to none though.
    (Disclaimer: The following information is coming from a Army wife who doesn't actually know any specifics 100%. Often told to her by husband or other wise ones. Though, they all will admit that at times they dont know the specifics neither. The information received should be considered unstable and possibly flammable. Do not disseminate. )
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    yes, it depends on the phase of training. I am a Drill Sergeant here at Fort Leonard Wood and our privates during Basic Training get one phone call a week... on sunday just to call and let everyone know they are ok back home.
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    DH is about to grad from ft Jackson. Pretty much, he got to call after they'd been there for a day or two, then he didn't get to call for 2 weeks, not sure why, then every sunday morning or evening, depending on if they attend the church service. Also, DH just told me that they almost got a 6 hour on post pass for completing the nav course in record time, but another team got there like 2 mins. before them. Pretty much, from what DH has told me, it depends on the DS and how the other ppl act. But the call on Sunday is pretty much set in stone til they leave for Victory Forge (7 day trip) and then they won't get a call, but graduation is 3 days after they get back. hth

    Edit: they can write whenever they have free time, DH even takes a notepad with him to training and writes while they sit around.

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