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Thread: Need advice!!!

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    Jump for Joy Need advice!!!

    As you know ladies I decided to enlist.I need lots of advice from ladies that served....I know what to expect but personal experiences help!!!
    You ladies are great, I do not know what would have done without you guys.
    Thank you so ladies are special and I love this community.
    I can not wait to see some of you when I start serving, you never know I could be stationed somewhere near you.And I will gladly offer babysiting for you ladies.
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    Congratulations....this will definitely be a life changing event. I am a Army veteran myself, It's definitely not just for anybody... Good luck to you!
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    Great! Just remember boot camp all a mind game, they need to weed out those who can not adapt to the military life.
    Good luck!!!
    I am a Navy Veteran!

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