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Thread: Anyone's SO an MA?

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    Anyone's SO an MA?

    Originally my husband was planning on getting out of the Navy in two years. Now he's deployed and has gotten this "brilliant" idea in his head to reenlist and crossrate to MA. He has this crazy idea that he'll be here for us more than he already is- says he can't have sea duty until he's an E6 (he's a third class right now). Funny, his friend (my friend's bf) is thinking about doing the exact same thing, so I think they've been talking and have gotten each other all excited. Honestly, I don't think he's actually thinking through this, because a week ago he was talking about never wanting to stay in, hating to be away from us. If his information is accurate, fine, but he's ready to go ahead and get the process taken care of. I, of course, am freaking out.
    Can you tell me what I can possibly expect if my husband crossrates? What would he be likely to do as an MA? How often are they gone (my husband is on a forward deployed ship and ensures me that he'll be home much more than he is now)? Do they deploy to the middle east? Work nights? He said he can be stationed anywhere- is this a good thing or a bad thing? Will he likely get his pick of duty station? Are unaccompanied tours common?
    Sorry I have so many questions- he just wants to get started on crossrating so fast and I want to make sure that he's appropriately informed. I don't know where else to go for his information. I want to know the worst case scenarios, so that we can decide if we're willing to live/if he's willing to work in those circumstances. TIA!
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    My DH is an MA. They are on the top 10 list of rates to go on IA billets to the middle east.They don't get to be on ships to often ,so allot of times they would have to pick Mobile security or an unaccompanied tour to some where like Cuba or Bahrain. For shore duty most likely if your husband is E5 and below he will be working on patrol . There hours suck (I think so any ways) My hubby works 12 hour nights and It is definitely not a Mon-Fri job.

    The only plus side to my husbands job is that he loves what he does! That is really what matters to me. As much as I would love for him to be in a rate with better advancement and better hours, I would never think about telling him he should change rates. Enjoying what you do when you go to work is priceless.
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    PMed ya, DH works w/crossrating,etc and we are here at PH too!
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    My dh crossrated to MA late last year and as of right now he is in Sasebo Japan on an unaccompanied tour (a 2 yr tour).. His hours vary every 3 months or so. When he went to MA school in Texas he was pretty much told where he was going and didn't have much of a say in it. Also like Mary said, it is one of those rates where some of the people go IA to the middle East..
    The hours can suck.. and his days off at times are during the week. But dh loves his job as well. It isn't the best rate, but also not the worst. If you have any more questions please PM me

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    My husband is an MA and he is not on patrol right now but with this job he does now he is never home and when he did patrol in Hawaii he was never home and now he is going IA to Iraq. Whoever told your hubby that he would be home more had no idea what they are talking about. They don't work M-F hours. They are absolutly in the top 10 to go to IA billets and if they don't volunteer they will eventually voluntold.

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