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Thread: Army Birthday Ball?

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    Army Birthday Ball?

    Alright ladies, I need your help! It looks like there's going to be this Army Birthday Ball and I am really clueless as to what it is. Would this be considered a military ball? Should we go?

    This will be my first one if we go and I have no idea what to wear or what he should wear. We're still newbies. Haha. So I need help with protocol, dress code, etc. ANY information would definitely help.
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    Yes, it's considered a military ball... Very Formal attire, as in BALL GOWN.. check out your local department stores, I'm sure at this time of year there are a lot of prom dresses going on clearance... David's bridal also has some very nice dresses that are ball appropriate.

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    I'm going to this for you because I'm going to my first Army ball next month!!! Do a search of "formal" and "ball." There are tons of past threads about them, and a few have pics of all the ladies in their dresses SOOOOO EXCITING!!!!

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