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Thread: WTF! kinda long

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    WTF! kinda long

    i need advice, or maybe just confirmation that there's nothing we can do.

    df has been talking to the reenlistment guy since last week, yesterday he was told they were sending away to find out if walter reed is available (it's our #1, df is a medic looking to get into a hospital)... we were told we'd know within the month whats available. cool, sounds normal and perfect.

    df's sgt came up to him today and told him he's not letting him reenlist. that came outta left field.
    so here's the story. df isn't exactly a little dude. his bmi isn't within army standards... but he's in great shape, better then others, so they started using a tape test instead (they measure your neck and waist) to get a better maesure. he's over that, barely... but he's sgt doesn't want to flag him. instead of flagging him he's not letting him reenlist.

    here's my issue with this
    1. if a person is capable, smart, and hardworking... shouldn't they WANT him to reenlist. like isn't that the fucking point! if someone wants to go career, and ISN"T an idiot... shouldn't the let him!

    2. A TAPE TEST IS NOT A GOOD MEASURE OF BODY FAT! if you're going to ruin his career because you basically think he's fat.. then at least provide us with an accurate measure of his percentage!! i wouldn bet my own life that if df was given an accurate test he would be under!

    i told df to ask for a professional read. he said they wont do it. it think that's bullshit.... i'm just pissed, and scared... i dont know what to do.
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    I am sorry. I don't really know what to say, I guess all COCs are different, because DH has a soldier that is overweight and they just flagged him.
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    That sounds ridiculous. There's a guy in my DF's flight that failed a tape test and they just put him on a mandatory PT program every day. Sounds like a very strange way to go about it to me. For a medic, no less. Not like we desperately need medics or anything I'm so sorry you guys are dealing with this.
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    If he's not letting him reenlist, then he HAS flagged him. Otherwise he could reenlist anyway.

    Unfortunately, it's up to his chain of command. I've seen it all too often

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