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Thread: Aviation careers?

  1. teMERarious
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    Aviation careers?

    Ok, I’m going to apologize in advance for the 20 questions...DH is set on a job in the aviation field, and had thought he wanted to become an AW, but is now considering a few other jobs as back-up plans if he isn't asked to go to SAR training. He researched a bit about different jobs in the aviation field, but is wondering what exactly he would be doing. He’s also expressed some interest in looking into training to become an AS or AD. Anyway…

    What is your SO’s rate and what does the job entail? Where have you been based? What are the deployments and shifts typically like, and does SO like his job? Where and how long was the training? How "easy" is career advancement?

    TIA and again, sorry for the questions! I really appreciate the input!
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    A lot has to do with which platform he is associated with. DH is associated with a plane that is only in about 2 areas of the country, so we are limited in where we can be stationed. Deployments are the same no matter what, same for work schedule it all depends on when the work gets done. As far as advancement everything is like a wave. it will be super easy for a year or maybe two and then suddenly it will lock up and advancement will be null and void for however long.

    I will miss you SOS...
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    My husband is an ADC. However he's also aircrew and is a Flight Engineer and LOVES his job. He flies on P3 Orions.

    What about an In Flight Technician? He could be an AT and be aircrew and fly with that job as well.

    Our deployments have been pretty easy compared to others IMO. He goes to deployment sites, that are all over.....middle east, japan, asia and lives in hotels or barracks.....he has access to a phone daily if he needs to and internet. Sometimes he as an E7 and even when he was an E6 had a room to himself.

    We enjoy it. You can PM me with any specific questions.....

    He has never stepped foot on a ship in his almost 14 years in the Navy.
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    My DH is an ATC and it was nearly 20 yrs in before he went on the boat because of the platforms he went on. When he made CPO, the choices just weren't there for him to stay within platform so he went F-18's and is on the boat now. I would put a lot of thought into what opportunities are available in the civilian world, the pay and what the advancement is like for that rate. I.e. are they over manned? If he goes into a Mech field also be prepared for him to do his A&P Licensing before he gets out, as many - probably most - companies will not hire without the A&P.
    I was in aviation as well as an Aerographer's Mate. (Weather "guesser") It was a great job to be in and I really enjoyed it, but I think advancement has slowed down a lot for the rate since I got out.
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    DH was an AM (Aviation Structural Mechanic) in the Navy. He works as an Aircraft Mechanic for a private civilian aviation company now.

    In the civilian world, your DH would need to obtain an A&P License, which I would highly recommend that he go to college for to get while he's in the military.
  6. teMERarious
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    Thans for the info. What's an A&P License?
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    Quote Originally Posted by teMERarious View Post
    Thans for the info. What's an A&P License?

    Airframe & Powerplant license
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    My DH was AW and w/P-3's and he got out of that rate, advancement to E-7 is very hard. He loved being aircrew though and misses those dets compared to a ship.
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    My boyfriend is an AT. He works on the radar mostly of the anti-submarine helicopters. He also does work on the rest of the helicopter and trouble shoot what is wrong with it. He is in a squadron that is attached to an aircraft carrier. They go on the usual 6 month deployments. The job is pretty good. He loves it. Sometimes the hours sucks depending on whether he works days or nights.
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