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Thread: Reenlistment

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    Wow Reenlistment

    Hi all- Just wondering if anyone has any advice on rejoining the military. My BF just got out of the Marines about 6 months ago and recently got a call asking if he would reenlist, of course with a bonus. He asked how I felt about it and honestly I'm not sure how to react. On one hand it has been rough for him living the civilian life with finding a job, going to school, etc. but on the other I don't think our relationship can withstand another long seperation which is what I am most afraid of. I don't want to seem unsupportive and want him to get the confidence he once had in himself back but I don't want the Marines to dictate our life together. Any thoughts?
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    has he thought about joining another branch?

    ( no I am not a recruiter or married to one)

    but we do get alot of crossovers due to the very limited overseas billets and tours...

    something to think about.
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    I think ya'll should sit down together and weight out the pros and cons. Also consider Navy, AF, or CG. Shorter deployments but I think with certain jobs and branches you don't get to keep your rank from another branch. I could be wrong on this but when DH was considering going back in from the Navy to another branch he was going to start at the bottom. Please someone correct me if I am wrong. Also my husband is no longer in the military and we are better off. We struggled for a little while financially but he found a wonderful job getting paid WAY more than in the military. I think it's a decision ya'll need to make together. I wish you the best.
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    My hubs just recently got back into the Marines. We are not at our first duty station yet but he has sworn back in. I think first and foremost you need to sit down and do the pros and cons. Decide if a deployment is worth it? Decide if benfits are worth it. If he goes back in would be stay in til retirement? We made the decision he would try to stay for retirement because 8 years put him half way there. It took us 7 months to get paperwork processed and for him to swear back in. Granted there were a TON of issues along the way so I doubt it will be that long. He needs to be aware he very well might lose rank. My DH picked up right before his EAS date. He got knocked back one rank and they put his time in service to 4 years and did not count any of his IRR time. I know he looked at AF and was told that there are only 4 jobs open to prior service transfer (not sure if that is still the case). Good Luck
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    Thanks guys for all of your ideas. Crossing over is something that we have not discussed as of yet but will definitely include it in our conversation. I am not sure about losing his rank, although to me if he does then that just makes it even less worth it. He is past the 3 month period where he could automatically come back in at the same rank although there might be new rules or exceptions since they are trying to increase numbers. I know last year they changed a number of things for Marines who reenlist but I'm not sure they are still in effect.

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