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Thread: No LDO this year

  1. I'm from the south and sometimes I have a big mouth
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    I'm from the south and sometimes I have a big mouth
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    No LDO this year

    DH just let me know he didnt do well on the test. He said he missed it by ten points so he will try next year. I guess he did well considering he had surgery then deployed.
    How many times does it usually take to make LDO? He has the rest of everything they would like I think except the test score.
  2. ShutterbugBecca
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    My Dh put in his first package and then had a major surgery so he skipped putting in a package the next year. The third year, he put in his package for the second time and was picked up.
    good luck!!!!
  3. Mommy of two sweet girls!
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    Mommy of two sweet girls!
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    Sorry, maybe next year

    My Bella!

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