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Thread: Crossfit Training??

  1. blonderose
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    Crossfit Training??

    So my DB is in Hospital Corps School for the navy right now and he called me last night and said that he's going to start this new training because he wants to be in really good shape because odds are he'll get sent somewhere to care for the marines and he wants to be able to keep up hahaha anyway it's totally voluntary and there is only 2 other guys who want to do it! and he said you just go for as long as you can last....i was just curious if any of you have SO's who have been thru this program, if so what was it like? if they had a good experience...just that kind of stuff

    i went to their website but i'd like to know more just so i dont feel dumb when he's talking about it haha i like to be in the loop!!
    let me know if you think of anything
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    Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta
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    nope, but just for the record db means dear boyfriend, he doesn't have to be deployed
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    Quote Originally Posted by jlbecker View Post
    nope, but just for the record db means dear boyfriend, he doesn't have to be deployed
    oh ahahaha well i feel silly now!!! i must not be awake yet! thanks for telling me tho!!
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    DH was into Crossfit. They do insane training sets. Basically it's a fitness program that was set up by some guy who was in the military I believe. They gear the program towards firefighters, police, military, etc. All the workouts are named after girls. And they are all crazy crazy workouts. Like, you have to do 25 pullups in a certain amount of time, then you run over and do 25 deadlifts, then you run over to some rings and do 25 of those types of pullups. Then you do it all over again... 25 TIMES. It's stuff like that.

    Anyone who can do crossfit training and complete the workout is pretty hardcore. And the guys who are into it make up their own workouts... like for DH's 23rd birthday, he did 23 situps, 23 pushups, 23 of a bunch of other things and he did it ALL DAY... it ended up being some outrageous number of reps... like 1000 or something.

    So... good luck to him. I know I could never do it, lol! It's not really popular, even among the marines, but it's really catching on. PM me if you've got more questions. I've got a Crossfit encyclopedia living at my home

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