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Thread: Change of MOS

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    Change of MOS

    So I hope that someone here has had some experience with this cuz I'm pretty clueless... Well DB is currently at bootcamp and is rethinking the MOS he signed up for which is Cryogenics and is more interested in something with Financial Management. Well I called his recruiter and said he would have to try to get out of his contract but couldn't do it until MCT training. Have any of your SO's changed their MOS before their MOS training or tried to? And if so how did they go about it, were they successful etc. We just feel like he would be around more doing something like Finances you know and now he's getting pretty nervous about it cuz he feels like he's stuck. I know I'm kinda rambling but if anyone has any insight I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!!!
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    I'm not really sure hun Hopefully someone here will know though!

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