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Thread: OCS....should he or shouldn't he?

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    OCS....should he or shouldn't he?

    Been going back and forth for weeks on whether or not he should apply for OCS. I think YES! But I get the feeling he would rather wait to be deployed. We went through this once with a job offer, and he declined it because of my opinion. I did my best to avoid talking about it because I knew he'd sway my way (he says "we're a Team and ya gotta do what's best for the team...."). As far as OCS, I'm scared to even tell him what I think. If I say apply/go, he'll probably do it but I really want him to make the decision on his own. Any thoughts?
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    He should do it.

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    DB is leaving for OCS in two months, I am so excited for him.
    I think he should do it, it's great, plus you get payed while your there. And he would be an officer, it's just another way to get higher up. I think he should go for it. It's only 10 weeks.

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