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Thread: How do I find my soldier after Grad?

  1. anamariamp1
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    How do I find my soldier after Grad?

    My DB finally graduates in the coming weeks from BCT and I have seen what graduation looks like on You Tube. There are sooooo many platoons and thay all look the same!!! My girlfriend went through this with her DH but she was about to give birth so she couldn't go to his Grad (so she can't tell me her With so many soldiers, and I imagine so much confusion, how does each family find their soldier??? Does everyone just kind of "scatter" around until they find each other? Is there a designated place for each family to go wait for their soldier? I get very nervous with crowds and I am meeting his family there (for the first time I might add) so I will already be nervous. I would hate to have an axiety/panic moment right after graduation ends...any advice, tips, or recomendations are appreciated!!!! Thank you!!!!
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    There are benches that have the division # designated to them and when they are done you pretty much just have to go find them in the mess lol good luck
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    Tell him what your wearing & let him spot YOU! A couple hundred people are going to be rushing for their soldier so IMO, your best bet is to sit still & let him find you!

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    I was just thinking about this the other night...Gosh
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    Thanks for the tips, ladies...another quick question... How long approximately is graduation? DB's mom and I want to know how long we should bite our nails for to see him! LOL Thanks for your help...
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    For us... we watched them march to the reception, so we saw where he was in line and then the put them in blocks according to where they were... we went that direction and stood still until he found us... Just make sure one of you stays still until you find each other. We had his cousin with us, so we put him on our shoulders so that he could easily find the really tall young kid, hahaha.

    The ceremony itself was probably just over an hour (like an hour and 5 minutes maybe), but we also started late and then they had to march in formation over to the reception and then we got to find them there...

    Every place and every unit does it slightly differently, but that was our experience in February at Fort Leonard Wood.
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    What about signs like at the airport?? Congrat signs and what not?
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