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Thread: how to cheer him up

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    Sad how to cheer him up

    DH has been gone for training for months now and has done really well. He got distinguished student and everything. Now he is at a different base and doing water survival. He is absolutely terrified of water *he almost drown as a kid. we're talking CPR and everything. it really stuck with him* but he's been trying to get into the pool and get more comfortable. Unfortunately when it came time to strapping him in a machine and plunging him under water with 50 lbs of gear strapped to his back, he didn't do so well.

    He gets another chance but he is really bummed. I just want to hold him and comfort him but i'm not there. He is being a typical guy and not wanting to talk about it but i know he is really upset. any ideas of what to do to help?

    i just feel so helpless.

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    My DH is super afraid of water too... I would just be there to listen to him. Maybe write him a nice email (not talking about water, but normal stuff). Hope he does better next time!

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