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Thread: Hubby was promoted today!

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    Jump for Joy Hubby was promoted today!

    Next step Captain!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!
    I am so proud of Bradley, he was promoted to 1LT today! It should have happened over a year ago, but that's the life of the army. Things happen on THEIR convenience, not yours, we all know that.
    I am really sad that he got promoted in Iraq, so I wasn't able to be there for him, but I am proud of him nonetheless. I wonder who pinned him, . I remember when he was pinned as a 2LT, I was sooo nervous, it was the first time I met his parents! But he looked so handsome, I didn't feel like I "belonged" in the room with him!! All those army "higher ups" surrounded me, and I just wanted to shrink away, lol, but now I am so glad I was there! My baby, I miss him so much!! Things are really hectic over there. Worse than the news lets on. I only hear from him about every 4th day now, you could imagine why. There are things he can't tell me for obvious reasons, but I can tell by his tone, some bad things are happening, and they are losing people over there. I pray every day and every night that God will bring my husband back to me. I know his mission is a really bad one, but he can do it. And his guys can do it, and I have confidence in him that he will keep them safe. I know Bradley would never leave a guy behind, and I know he would put himself in front of harm's way to save those guys, and it hurts to know that, but it makes me very proud of him. I have never wanted anything so badly in my life, I just want them to all come home safe. AND I want the shitheads that make IED's to go to hell and rot there. Our men are there to help you idiots, and you bury homemade bombs to kill them, you sick, sick, bastards.
    Sorry about the little rant there, I guess I just let my thoughts get away from me, but I know you ladies know how I feel, and I am so glad I have this place to come to....

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    Congratulations!!! That's wonderful, Im sorry that you werent able to be there but still awesome that he made it
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    That's great news..Congrats!!
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    Camp Pendleton....wishing i was still in Okinawa.
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    That is amazing news, congrats!

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