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Thread: Pinning!

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    SUCH a neat experience. The only bad thing was being so close to the flight line with some active flights coming through.....hard to hear the speaker who wasn't accustomed to stoppng to pause for planes. Oh and the HEAT! Holy was hot....I was sweating by the end...

    Anyway hubby was hot, tired exhausted and sweaty. Well so were we. He cried.....I didn't cry AT all....but when his sponsor was putting his cover on I could see him crying.....then I started to tear up a bit. One of his friends who was sitting behind us said "oh man he's crying!" and then HE choked up.

    Anyway after we got home and he ate dinner and was on the couch just looking exhausted I asked him what's next and he said "I want to be a maintenance master chief"......and I knew that would be his next response...he doesn't want to go the CMC route......he's just not that guy....but he wants to be in charge of the maintenance department in a squadron like he's in now. So basically we'll be around for the long haul and my suspicions have been confirmed that the Navy will have to shove him out the door.

    Okay a few pictures.......

    we're on the end.....

    hubby on the right end with his sponsor

    turning around after getting his cover

    with our boys

    see how sweaty we were?
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    Fantastic pics! I know exactly what you were feeling with the heat! We were in Hawaii when DH made Chief as well, except he was pinned at the Parche memorial! It was horribly hot!

    ETA Many and congratulations!
    Needs work.
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    Great pics! Congrats!
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    your boys are adorable, and that includes your husband.

    to him! and you!

    Have fun. more to come..
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    Congrats! He's beaming with pride :-)
  6. hurry up and wait....
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    Yeah Amy! Great pictures! It is amazing how they get all kinds of ideas about what they want to do now that they are CPO's....LOL. Rod is wanting to be Flight Line Coordinator at his next command to help with his SCPO package and then go from there. Still think we will retire at 24 yrs though....
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    Congrats. Nice pictures too
  9. my AOC truly makes me happy
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    Amy--YAHOOOO I am so excited for you and DH.
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    Congrads!! I'm so happy for you. I know the sweat (no pun intended, giggles) that goes into it. Your pics are great.

    My Sweetheart

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    Would you please not tempt the deployment gods?! They are vindictive and cruel.
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