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Thread: Tricare and Gastric Bypass Surgery Question

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    Help Tricare and Gastric Bypass Surgery Question

    I was just wondering if there are any ladies on here who have gone thru this with Tricare. I haven't started the process yet. I'm waiting on my husbands orders to be sure we aren't moving, then I am going for it. I was just wondering if any of you have any tips or advice for me. We only have a small MTF here, so no military hospital. Thanks in advance.
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    Hi there, I am trying to go through the process of getting gastric bypass too! I live in Japan and they don't do it here either so they are going to fly me to Trippler in Hawaii to have it done as long as Tricare approves my referral (got my fingers crossed) So they should either send you to a doc that accepts Tricare off base or they will send you to an MTF to have it done.. usually the MTF thats closet that handles what you are needing. I have been looking for other military people that have gone through this and yours is the first post I have come across.. I was hoping there would be a support group or something here for gastric bypass patients since support is a MAJOR thing for our recovery and life changes! Anywhoo... Let me know if theres anything I can do for ya!! Take care and good luck!
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    Kris and Kathy had it done. I think there might be a few other ladies as well. And my husband had it a little over a year ago while he was still AD in the Navy. Do a search on here and you should be able to find some past posts about it on here
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    I had it done by NAS Jacksonville on March 3, 2006. It was referred and done all by military so I didnt have to deal with tri-care, per say. What would you like to know?!
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    I had gastric Bypass done Feb.19th 2008 and i got a referral from my Doctor to the Bariatric clinic here in San Diego,CA at Naval Medical Center San Diego....i didn't have to deal with tricare since it was ALL done by military.
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    What do you need to qualify?
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    100+ lbs overweight or 2 comorbidities and a referral from your PCM
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    I am going through the entire process now. I am going to have gastric banding (LapBand) done, and simply waiting on my surgeon's office to call me back with my surgery date. I got the referral from my PCM, met with the surgeon discussed the different options LapBand vs. Gastric Bypass, met with the dietician, had my bloodwork, and had my pysch eval done within 1 week.

    I have Tricare Prime, and have a civilian surgeon and PCM. I have no out of pocket expense except for the $50 dietician consult because she is NOT a Tricare provider. I didn't want to wait the 3 months it took to get an appointment with the MTF dietician.

    I qualified based on my BMI, and that I am more than 100 pounds overweight with NO co-morbidities. I have normal blood pressure, cholesterol, and thyroid, but I do suffer from arthritis in my knees. Tricare does NOT consider arthritis of a weight-bearing joint as a co-morbidity. I do not have to do a supervised diet. I am planning on having surgery in October.

    If you have an specific questions feel free to contact me on here.

    Good luck.

    P.S. Tricare has been great through this entire process except when it came down to the pysch eval. I had to get a referral from my PCM to the pysch for it to be covered, even though I had a referral from the surgeon. It was kind of a clusterfuck, but it was straightened out within 2 days.
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    I have been thinking about getting gastric bypass surgery for a while now. I am just a little big concerned about post-op. Since I have a 5 month old.
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    I mentioned having the surgery to my PCP, he basically blew me off. He told me that I did not weigh enough and the surgery center would not aprove me. The thing that makes me the most angry is I already did the consult with the surgeon AND GOT APPROVED!!! I tried to tell this to my PCP but he argued with me saying that they would put me on a weight loss plan instead. He did ask where i went for my consult or any other info. He was just totally negative. " you don't weigh enough" I am 26 and more than a hundred pounds over weight( about 100-120lbs) and i have two comorbidities. I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I am on medication for both. I really want the surgery. I made the decision 10 months ago and I have gotten no where since. Any advice??? I am in Virginia. Thanks
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