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Thread: what helps?

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    Question what helps?

    Ok so me n my DB are on our 3rd deployment....but it is the first deployment we're going into with our son (3 months) so we never really thought about military benefits before....i dont even think he is aware of any himself seeing as we never needed them.....what are some good things to get involved in or that help out alot ....any information would be great as he is deploying next month....thanx ladies!
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    get involved with your FRG...ALSO have a LOT of pictures of DB for him to see all the time as well as if you can go to build a bear and make a bear or stuffed animal that he can record something special into and play it before naptime and bedtime every night so he knows his voice...if he calls use your speaker phone so that he can hear him and will know the voice.

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