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Thread: Military shorted us money... how do I fix it???

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    Help Military shorted us money... how do I fix it???

    Hey...just wanted to see if anyone knows the answer to this. My hubby is in basic...I finally got paid and got ahold of an LES. I was looking it over and is has listed the $250 advance pay and then it has under deductions $250 advance payback twice. Basically, what is seems like is someone made a type-o and deducted $250 twice. so they owe us $250. How do I fix it or can I??? Do I have to wait til he's out of basic? PM me if you definately know how to handle this. Thanks
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    He'll have to do it unless you have a specific POA for the DFAS/PSD closest to you. Otherwise he's going to have to talk to someone once he's out or when he gets a chance to look at the LES.

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    He needs to go to Finance.
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    He'll have to take care of it unless you have a financial POA.
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    He will have to take care of it at PSD unless you can have him get a special POA and send it to you saying that you can go to PSD on his behalf. My husband was being shorted pay and we had to wait 4 months till he got home from the boat to get it fixed. Good luck to you!
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    since hes in basic he will have to do it and its probaby for uniforms or something else he neded while he was in basic, we always had money taken out while my dh was in basic. butif you write him a letter ask him to check into it and he can.
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    when i was at basic we got vouchers that came out of our pay like that. they were basically advance pay so we could go to the px and get stuff we needed. so to me i doubt it is a typo

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    we are still waiting for some of our money (1300 of it ito be exact) so yah i feel your pain

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