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Thread: another pay question

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    another pay question

    dh hits his two year mark the 15th. so he gets that tiny little 2 years in bonus, and he gets his uniform allotment right? does it take a pay period, or should it be on his LES for the 15?

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    ours showed up on the day he hit 10 years, for the uniform allowance.
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    Ours showed up the pay period after.

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    The uniform allowance comes in the pay period after.. or something. DH went in in Nov. and we get the uniform allowance in Dec. 1st's check every year.

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    My husbands clothing allowance always goes in the pay period AFTER his anniversary date.
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    Quote Originally Posted by define View Post
    My husbands clothing allowance always goes in the pay period AFTER his anniversary date.

    My dh's anni is May and we see the anni pay on the frist June check every year

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