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Thread: Storing household goods?

  1. ArmyGirl
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    Storing household goods?

    DH was told the other day about a briefing to go to, for the army to store your household good while you are deployed.

    Anyone know anythign about this? I thought it was only for single deployed soldiers, but they are telling him that we can have our goods stored too.

    Anyone done this?
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    yup. You cna have the army store your belongings at any time, and then when you are ready, they will release them or ship them to your new duty station.
  3. ArmyGirl
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    NM DH had the briefing, and the storage they are talking about, it storing our goods and keeping our BAH...... yeah ok... Because 900 a month is so much better than me paying the 57 it costs in town to store things... idiot.s

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