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Thread: Engaged and housing.

  1. Rikana
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    Engaged and housing.

    Do you have to be married to live on base with your man? What about engaged?
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    You have to be married to live on base in a house.
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    we had to wait until after we got married to even apply. It sucks but its the system. We got housing the next day we applied though.

  4. Happy wife...happy life!
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    #4 have to be married! Being engaged means pretty much nothing to the military.
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    Sometimes being a wife means nothing to the military.

    Yeah- you have to wait. You can't ask for housing until you are married, and depending on where he is- it's usually abit of a wait for that too.

    The military likes you to wait.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Victoria View Post have to be married! Being engaged means pretty much nothing to the military.
    that is exactly how it is. We were engaged 3 years before we were married and it means nothing until you tie the knot!
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    Ditto! Married.
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    You're SUPPOSED to be married, but DH and I lived together on post (he already had military housing b/c of his other two children) a year before we got married.
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  9. hurry up and wait....
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    The military doesn't care until you are married and officially a dependent. You can't even get on a wait list until then.
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    You can live in PPV housing (privatized military housing which is not always technically on base) before you get married as long as his rank allows him to live on the economy. I know our very junior sailors are required to live in bachelors quarters on base unless they are married. Hope this helps.
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