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    Help Need Expert Advice

    Here is my situation.

    I am a girlfriend of a Sailor. I am 31 weeks pregnant.

    I am not sure that my boyfriend and I are going to be together after the baby. I need to know from ladies out here what rights does my child have and how do I go about getting those rights fullfilled for her.

    He said that he would put her on his page 2 and his insurance but what do I need to do to get that started? Will the Navy require a paternity test for this to take place since we are not married? If he decides to be a asshole about everything what are the steps I need to take to make sure that everything is in place for her.

    Thanks in advance!!!!!!
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    the navy will require a paternity test before she can be put on his page2, but don't know about the other stuff. good luck
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    Nothing can happen until after the baby is born. You would go to court to establish paternity and for child support. He would have to fill out a paternity affidavit saying he's the child's father. If he refuses, then the court can order a DNA test. In order to be put on his page 2, you will need the DNA test. To collect child support you would need to submit a copy of the court order.
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    i know nothing, but i just wanted to give you some s and tell you that i love you

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    i dont know much either, but i do know that pp was right, nothing can happen until baby is born. I'm sorry you have to go through that kind of stress, i hope things get better for you!

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