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    Just out of curiosity has anyone found another insurance that works with united concordia? I know that your aloud to use more then one at the dentist but it has to be compatible... does anyone have any info on this?
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    I just used my dental that I get through work. I didn't have a problem finding a dentist that took them both.
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    You can have other dental insurance. It doesn't have to be "compatible" so to speak.. For instance where you work they offer dental coverage that you use, when you go to the dentist they will bill your first insurance before United Concordia, if they accept both. Then if there is any left to pay you pay the difference. If I am reading your question right.

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    ya you read it right.. well kinda.. what insurance companys does your work go through? I dont have a job.. so no health benefits on my part. I just really need to find additional dental coverage that i can get into without having a job. Does that make sense?? I cant figure out how to word it...
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    USAA has some type of additional medical/dental coverage you can purchase. I don't know much info on it though. But I've heard it can save you MORE than just using UC for certain procedures.

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