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Thread: Have any of you?

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    Have any of you?

    Ever taken Prozac? Or its generic fluoxitine? If so, are you still on it? Were you able to take over the counter cold and sinus medicines?

    I know I can look this stuff up. I am on prozac bc of post partum depression. I have a terrible stuffy nose and when I look up stuff about it, it says NOT to take anything "cold and sinus" or anything...yet, the dr said go ahead and the pharmacy said it's fine as well. I am just a bit nervous to take it if you shouldn't ya know..tia
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    I havent taken that, but I know Tricare has a nurses line that you can call and find out. Also, here you can call the ER and ask the nurse and she will find out for you.

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    im not on it but one of the kids at my work is on it and he just had a cold and they let him take some cold and sinus stuff from over the counter. id call the nurses line to double check, but if your dr and the pharmacist said its fine i bet you'll be okay! i hope you feel better soon!
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    I took Prozac for a few months and then switched to the generic fluoxetine for about 3 years after that to save money. They both worked great - except switching between the 2 took a few months for my body to adjust to and was not fun. I took over the counter sinus meds - but when I took Claratin, I ended up a bit nauseous, but I am not sure if that was due to a reaction between the 2 or not. It all depends on the person and the dosage.

    I have been Prozac/Fluoxetine free for almost a full year now and have been "fine" - a few rough patches, but overall very well. Getting off was no problem and I know that if I ever need to get back on, I can.

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