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Thread: Health Insurance question

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    Health Insurance question

    (for the civilians or those who have used reg. civilian insurance).

    DH gets "kicked off" his tricare in about 2 1/2 months (reservists don't get automatic tricare, but he had it for his deployment and they keep it on for 3 months after his return). So we need to be covered with some sort of health insurance after that. Through my college, we pay a health fee to use the doctor and pharmacy for very cheap - less than insurance price....However, we need dental, and I'd like maternity insurance - JUST in case anything were to happen, because I know it's near impossible to get maternity once you're already preggo.

    My question there ANY way to get JUST Dental, Maternity, and Hospitalization insurance WITHOUT the Dr/Prescription plan as well? Also do you have any recommendations for good insurance companies? Our last one was HORRIBLE and we want something that is a more reputable company this time. We're looking into Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

    Any help or tips would be great! TIA

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    I've had Blue Shield/Blue Cross before I got married. I had them through work though. They tend to be expensive, but they're not too bad. The PPO plans are much better than the HMO's, they're also more expensive though. And remember you'll always have to co-pay some amount.

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