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Thread: Tricare Standard

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    Tricare Standard

    Hi. I live in an area where there is no military around and, therefore, people around me dont have much advice to offer. I am on Tricare Standard until I move to base with my husband. My OBGYN does not take it and I am possibly pregnant. I work for a doctor who has offered to order a pregnancy blood test for me so that if it is negative...i didnt waste my money on the out of pocket expense to see my doctor. My question is...what lab participates with Tricare Standard? Labcorp? Quest? my ID card my insurance card? There is no claims address or anything on it so how will they know where to send the claims? I am so confused.
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    Yes, your ID card is your insurance card. Also, you should be able to get a list of providers who accept Tricare Standard in your area. Hmmm...what's that internet addy...I'll find it, wait a sec
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    I'm pretty sure Tricare is supposed to send you an insurance card. I'm Prime and get all my treatment at the local Naval Hospital, and still they sent me a card. I would think it would be even more important for a Tricare Standard patient to have an insurance card. If I have to take the kids to the ER or something, they ask for our Tricare card AND my dependant's id.

    Here's the link to the tricare site, they changed it around recently. All the info and contact information is in the My Benefit portion, the My Health portion is where you can log into your personal tricare account. HTH

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    i am in the same situation , go to the place where you got your id card they will have a list of people or a web site local you can go too that will show you where they except tricare at least that is what i had to do.

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