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Thread: New to SD, need a Dr. ASAP!

  1. cutensweet96
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    New to SD, need a Dr. ASAP!

    Sooo..I need a Dr. out here, and I'm wondering if there are any recommendations...I think theres a possibility that im preggo.,(again) but its too early to test and i'd like to be seen just to get checked i see an ob/gyn, or a family doc?also who does my daughter see for her 1 year appt.?Shes 1 in may..thanks for the help, i appreciate it.
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    hurry up and wait....
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    you need to get into tricare there first, then I would get in to see your PCM
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    First you need to have your Tricare set up for TriWest I think you need to go into Balboa and do it. From there you choose either a TOC ( tricare outpatient clinic) or a civilian doc. Be aware you and your daughter may not be in the same TOC. For emergencies I've gone to a civilian hospital and they've covered it, granted we lived like 20 miles from Balboa. Good luck!
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    yes if you go get tricare set up they will give you a huge list of civilian drs and you choose from the list. or you can choose a military Dr. but I understand they are very full out here. My husband set up all the health care for us and he did not have to go to Balboa to do it.
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    by the time you get seen, i'm sure you'd have a + preggo test unless they can see you right away
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    I hope you get everything situated! I know how crazy it is to not know anything or anyone Good luck!
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    My kids see Dr. Jerrard at the NTC clinic. I see whoever. I recommend Chistine Cortez (sp) as a Midwife.
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    We are up and poway and I use dr Robert Lastings for OB and he is a tricare dr. And delievered at Poway Pomerado.

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