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Thread: OK, Get This.....

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    OK, Get This.....

    My OB on base emailed me today and said that he will be out of the army in may. I deliver in july. Should I have been privy to this info before now?? Also, there are supposed to be 6 OB's there, after he leaves there will be 2, they are farming us out to the medical center hospital off base. On the one hand, I'm happy b/c I'm extremely high risk w/ complications. On the other hand, isn't it going to be hard to find an OB in the community who will take a mom close to 6 months along?? Also, will tricare cover the whole cost like if I was going to be on base?? Any advice/opinions would be helpful.
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    as long as you are tricare prime, you wont have to pay a penny. as for finding an OB. you shouldnt have a problem. people move all the time. good luck!
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    If you're referred to a civi then tricare will pay. This is my 2nd pg with tricare as our insurance and both times I have had civi drs. and delivered/delivering at civi. hossies and they covered/are covering it all. I'm not sure if you'll have problems finding a dr. or not. You could but then you may not. I switched drs. when I was in my 5th month with Breanna due to moving from one state to another and had no problems what so ever. Good Luck.
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    When I moved from Great Lakes to Corpus I ws due in 3 weeks, I made calls to all kinds of OB's and none would take me, I finally found one because I was bawling my eyes out on the phone.

    When I was pregnant with Emilee my doctor quit delivering babies due to his malpractice insurance running out and 1 phone call and I had another doctor and that was 2 months before she was due. So you never know.

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