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Thread: This might sound stupid

  1. Armylove
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    This might sound stupid

    But, I need to go to the DR and get my pap and BC script, but the clinic here is sooo scary. I went in once to turn my tricare paperwork in, and I was lost for like 15 minutes.

    Are most military hospitals/clinics huge and scary? And can you request a female gyno? Or is it pretty much you get what you get?
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    There should be a list of providers you can choose from for your PCM. You might get lucky and be able to find a female that way. There is one here at the clinic on base and you can see her if you want. I have a male doctor and he's ok in that area so it's not so bad!

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  3. Armylove
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    Ive never had a male gyno, and it scares me. I know I can suck it up if I have too, but if I could have a choice that would be swell
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    I'm not sure hun.
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    I don't know about being able to have a choice but I know you can have a female stand-in in the room with you. My favorite gyno I saw at NAS Jax when I was pregnant was a man but it was reassuring to have a female in there too.
  6. Armylove
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    Its not that I dont think a man couldnt do the job, but I dont want another man down there. I dunno. Im weird I guess
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    Most military facilities have a female stand in during all gyno appointments.. Good luck, I hope you're able to get a decent dr. I'm so upset about having to leave my gyno, he's wonderful! Not all male gyno's are creepy.

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    I had a female doc do my pap. I prefer having a woman doc do that sorta stuff too.
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    I get intimated at ANY hospital I can never read a map nor follow signs very well

    I've had a male Gyno before and he was actually alot nicer, took the time to explain more, and was gentler then the females I've had.

  10. Meredith
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    I think male gynos HAVE to have another female present during the exams (a nurse, a med asst./nursing asst.), and female gynos dont HAVE to have another person present, but they have to give you that option.

    I have made appts and requested female gynos before and it seemed like that was a pretty common occurance. You shouldnt have a problem with that, and if you do... i'd be really pissed and bitch a lot at them. lol.

    I think it would be so weird to have a pap done by a male military doc. who is wearing BDUs (or ACUs). I had to go in just to get a BC script, and the guy was a young captain (phys. assistant), and he had BDUs and everything on, and it was just weird... i see them as a soldier, not a doctor or physician's assistant.
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