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Thread: Reservist deploying where do I start to figure it all out.

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    Reservist deploying where do I start to figure it all out.

    My DH is a reservist and has just gotten 180 AEF orders. He has done AEF before but never this long. His civilian job will pay for insurance for 90, but then we will need Tricare. My fear is that we will pay the deductable for our regular insurance, then the tricare deductible and then the regular deductible again when he gets back. We also have a medical spending account that I know we can not use when on tricare, but what happens to the money that is there? His civilian job will likely make up the difference in pay for at least 90 days and it is possible the entire time, but we won't know until it happens. Any suggestions on where I get tricare information, I am totally clueless.
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    Start by going to

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