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Thread: LES states Refund debt of $3630.55 what does that mean?

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    LES states Refund debt of $3630.55 what does that mean?

    My husbands LES reflects a Refund Debt of $3630.55. This is the first and we both are questioning why?
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    That's quite a contradictory term Did he get money taken or given? What branch are you affiliated with? What stage is your DH in in his career (just out of boot, in AIT, newly graduated AIT, been operation for a few years).
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    Did he take out a loan? I'd go to finance and ask them what it's about
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    This is a credit for you, not a deduction, right? (In other words, they are giving him an extra $3600, not taking that out of his usual pay.) Did your husband ever have any loans or anything he needed to pay back? The only time I've ever heard of this is when someone was paying back something (like an overpayment or money they got when they weren't entitled to it, or taxes he should have paid if he's in a tax free zone, for example) and the military took too much back, and is refunding the difference. So if the service member owed $600 for some overpayment, the military took out $100 for ten months ($1000 total), then realized it was a mistake and is now giving back the $400 excess they took.

    Does that sounds like it might be the case for your husband?
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