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Thread: Accutane through Tricare standard

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    Accutane through Tricare standard

    Hi! So I'm still learning about Tricare but one thing I'm sure of is I'd rather stay on standard than switch to Prime. Just personal preference, but I was hoping to find info about obtaining specific medication and treatment for my skin with Accutane. Before I was married I did 2 years of rounds of about 4 kinds of antibiotics to help out my skin and it worked great up until it was time to wean me off. After the last round it seemed to be doing great but once I got back on the Pill my skin has just been going back to the state it was before I started it all 2 years ago and my doc back home (who I saw before I got married and had blue cross blue shield insurance) considered putting me on accutane if all else failed again. Flash forward and I've moved over 3,000 miles away and I have no clue about whether Tricare will cover it or my doctor visits. There are network providers off post who I'm looking towards since that's what I read would be better than non network providers. Sorry for the long story but I'm hoping to find anyone out there who's been through it or know anything about the process and can help aim me in the right direction. Please message me or reply with info!!

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    You just need to establish a doctor that accepts Tricare Standard and ask for Accutane. Some primary care docs may feel comfortable prescribing it, but most may refer you out to a derm. You don't have to have referrals to make specialists appointments with Standard, but before I married my husband I always chose to get one because I was able to get into the specialist much faster with the office calling to schedule me than me calling myself.
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