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Thread: Pay question

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    Pay question

    So my wife is in boot camp and we just got the first direct deposit today my question is:

    Do BAH and Pay arrive in the same direct deposit? or are they separated? I know we get BAH on the 1st and 15th as well, just not sure if it's supposed to be one deposit or two...

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    They're in the same paycheck. If you live on base and they take all of your BAH you won't see it reflected in your account because it's taken automatically, but it'll show up on your wife's LES.
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    It'll just show as one deposit in your account. That's how it is for army anyway. Other branches it could show two seperate deposits.
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    Yup, all one check, divided in halves for 1st and 15th. BUT if it's your first pay period, it's possible BAH hasn't kicked in yet. If that's the case, you'll be backpaid on the next check after it processes.
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    Basic pay, special pays, and allowances are generally all on one pay check. (There are a few exceptions, but those are generally for special things like reimbursements.)

    However, it can often take a paycheck or two for BAH to start (she'll be back paid), and the first checks might have lots of expenses taken out (uniforms and other things she purchases for herself). So it will take a couple months for everything to stabilize.
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