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Thread: Whoa nelly, swollen jaw

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    Whoa nelly, swollen jaw

    I'll get right to the point. I woke up today with a painful swollen jaw.
    When I got here, DW and I did the whole tricare prime/dental sign up and I picked a pcm online and that's all squared away but it specifically said that I shouldn't make an appointment with a dentist or doctor until 2/1/17.

    Since I can't make an appt, can I go to the ER on base? Do I have tricare standard by default to cover that? TIA!
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    I'm not sure, but you can call tricare directly and ask them. Just make sure you take notes about when you called, who you taled to, and what they said. Just in case you run in to someone later that says differently. (It happens sometimes, unfortunately.)

    Contact Us - View All Phone Numbers | TRICARE
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    Dental is Metlife not tricare. So needs to make sure that is active. So if it turns out to be an actual dental issue than you have to make sure that is fully active.

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