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Thread: Benefits questions

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    Benefits questions

    Hi, I had a few questions in regards to benefits. I really need to take a trip to the dentist and doctor bt my ID still has my maiden name on it, will they still accept me or do i need to get a new idea with my new last name on it?
    Also, does dental cover wisdom teeth removal? I have been putting this off for too long. I live off post bt is it better to go on post to the doctor/ dentist?
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    Your name shouldn't matter (although it should match your legal name...I waited a year to change my name legally and on ID's)......but you/he has to sign you up for dental. As far as I know, it only covers two cleanings a year unless you are under 22 or overseas. I just got told at 29 to get my wisdom teeth out (no issues with them ) and our dental won't pay any of, however, the dentist was going to honor my insurance price, which was $1k less than the uninsured price, so that helped a lot if we do choose to do it.
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    My ID still has my maiden name on it. My name has been changed legally and my new name is on my military ID. I just use the military one any time I need to show ID. It shouldn't be a problem at all.
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    He'll need to sign you up for dental (MetLife) since he has to pay for it (it'll be taken out of his check each month). But yes, they cover wisdom teeth removal. Not completely, you will be responsible for a portion of the cost, but they do pay for some. I just got a quote a few months ago and was quoted about $400 for 3 (all partially compacted). I'm missing 1 wisdom tooth so that is why only 3.

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