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Thread: DEERS HELP!!

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    My fiancé and I are getting married in 6 days in Hawaii where he is currently stationed. We have our appointments made for In processing but we've hit a bump in the road. I currently cannot find my social security card ANYWHERE. About 5 years ago, my identity was stolen causing me to have to get a new card. When I waited the two weeks for it to come, I was given a document from the administration stating my social security number belonged to me. I can go request a new card on Monday but it obviously won't make it in time of my wedding and appointment for my enrollment in deers and tricare. Will they accept my document signed by the administration with my social on it as my "social security card" until my new card comes in?
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    If it's an official document by the social security department, I don't see why not. There maybe someone you can call about it. Or you could have your fiance go to the place on base where the ID's are administered and ask.
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    You'll want to check with the local DEERS office to see what they accept as valid ID.
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    Here is the info you should need...
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    My suggestion would be to wait to get a new social security card until AFTER you're married and are changing your name (if that is what you're chasing to do). Because it will count against the total social security cards you can get in a year and the 10 you're allowed in a lifetime. Definitely find out if DEERS will accept the paper but you might want to wait going to Social Security office.

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