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Thread: Tricare Question

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    Tricare Question

    People in the South or North region, do you know if it is possible for you to get a one year referral to a specialist? West region cut us to six months max and I want to know if I need to move
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    I'm fairly certain that the referral we received for our middle daughter is valid for one year. We are in Tricare South. I don't know if it varies by specialty though.

    ETA: It is good for a certain number of sessions within that year. Also, when we were TriWest, my referrals were 6 months and a certain number of visits but automatically extended another six months when I had each appointment. I kept getting updated referral paperwork. My referral was for gastroenterology.
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    My son's is good for a year; but, it covers only something like 8 sessions. After a certain amount of time, I need to redo it. There is an expiration date on it.
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    We're south, my referral covered number of visits rather than time.

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