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Thread: Getting married and moving to Bahrain

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    Getting married and moving to Bahrain

    Hi guys my fiancé is currently stationed in Bahrain and he wants me to move out there and for us to get married at the American embassy ? I was just wondering if we are allowed to do that ?? He's an e-1 so will he be allowed to move into a house with me out there ? And how long would our bah take to kick in ???
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    You don't get BAH overseas. You get OHA, if he is permitted to live off base. I have no idea, but my guess would be that an E-1 would be required to live on base as many times they are overseas. And many times, there is a minimum rank to bring family over, too. He will need to check with his command to see if he is allowed and able to change his orders to accompanied (basically that means he'd be able to sponsor you to live there). If he is, then you would need to get married first, then go back to the States and do all of the paperwork and other stuff required in order for you to get command sponsorship. (Lots of paperwork, medical stuff, etc.) Then, once that happens, you could move over there. I don't think there is any way for you to go there, get married, and then just stay. He needs to have the accompanied orders (which they won't do until he's married) and then you would need to get the command sponsorship, which can take a couple months or more.

    Without accompanied orders and command sponsorship, you can only stay in Bahrain as long as any regular tourist as you'd have no special status. A quick Google makes it look like that is 14 days. So you could go there for 2 weeks and get married, but then you would need to return home.

    So the first step would be for him to ask his command if he is even eligible to change his orders to accompanied. (Also, be aware that sometimes this will extend the length of the orders. And that likely you would still be responsible for getting yourself and your stuff there, at your own expense.)
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    My husband is on unaccompanied orders to Bahrain right now. From what I was told E-4 and below live in the barracks and there is no on base housing do to the base being so small. Your fiance will have to get you command sponsored (he will need to talk to his chain command to see if that is possible). Also after looking at even just visiting my husband, Bahrain has limitations to how long you can be there if you aren't command sponsored. Also, if it does work out that you are able to be sponsored and live there, the Navy will not pay to ship your items there because they paid for his. Most of this will also depend on how much time he has left on his orders if it's even an option. It might be better for you to visit, get married, be added to DEERS and wait out the rest of his orders so that you will then be on his next set of orders.

    Also, after reading the previous response... you can stay longer than 14 days but you have to pay and apply to have your tourist visa extended.

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