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Thread: National Guard and paying for college

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    National Guard and paying for college

    My boyfriend and I plan on getting married next summer once he's home from deployment. I will then be done with my second year of college. We wanted to know if the GI Bill would pay four my college (and will it pay for his?)? What about tuition assistance? Or will we have to pay for my schooling still? He's been in the national guard for about 3 or 4 years now.
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    This has some good information and links:
    National Guard Tuition Assistance |
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    For him to transfer his GI bill to a dependent he has to have a minimum of a 4 year commitment left on his contract.
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    DH is in the guard and had a deployment under his belt and we still ended up being responsible for part of his school and he went to an inexpensive tech school. Tuition assistance has changed even since DH graduated.

    Long and short, it will help, but not completely cover him. The GI bill can be transferred to you, but not TA.
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    I am not familiar with the NG, but as BLT said, there are very specific rules about how much times he has served and has left to serve in order for him to qualify to transfer the GI Bill to a dependent. The links above have that info. But I believe it is a minimum of 6 years served, plus 4 more years committed. So he wouldn't be able to transfer it next summer, no matter how long he has left on his commitment, as he'd only have 4-5 years in, not the 6 required.
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