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Thread: Benefits during legal seperation

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    Benefits during legal seperation

    I am the military member. If I got a legal separation, what rights would my husband have? Would he still have insurance? Would he still be able to use military air? I'm asking because he's all for my son and I moving on and moving on for us is currently being offered an OS assignment. It's my hope that if we just do a separation, then he'd still be able to use benefits as a dependent.

    Thanks in advance.
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    he's considered a dependent till you have official divorce papers.
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    I am not a legal professional of any sort, but all the ones I know of that were just separated and not divorced still had all the benefits as if they were living with spouse.
    A good friend of mine has been separated for 10 years and she still has all of her medical benefits, BAH, etc as if she were still living with her husband.

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    When I got separated from my XH, I was allowed benefits until we were officially divorced. In fact, the first thing the JAG lawyer said to me was if he tried to tell me that he would take me off insurance or whatever, that he couldn't do that. So.
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