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Thread: tricare info help please

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    tricare info help please

    I have a couple forms to fill out before seeing a doc, and under the insurance it asks for the sponsor of course and their SSN which I have... but it also asks for:

    name of employer
    address of employer
    group #

    again, all under the insured sponsor info. I googled around and some people are saying just your spouse's name and SSN is all you need and leave the rest blank, is this really true? Because employer name and address for DH would be somewhat difficult... and I have zero idea what group and ID number mean. Not sure if i'll be able to ask DH in time for this. Help?
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    I always put his branch of service for employer and I was told that either the Group # or ID # (I can't remember which because it's been about a year since I've done it), was his SSN
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    Is this a generic form that is used for all patients? If so, those questions mainly apply to non-military insurance. I would just fill out the employer name with his branch of service and leave the rest blank.

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