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Thread: Depo shot and tricare

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    Depo shot and tricare

    I'm on standard until my prime kicks in in December and I got my first Depo birth control shot today and I'm worried I'll have a copay for it. Has any had a copay when they go the shot on standard? I've never had to pay for any other shots before but I did pay like 5$ for my BC pills when I took them. I've heard the shot can be expensive if it's not covered fully but I really like my OBGYN and would like to continue going as long as the Depo is covered. They didn't mention anything at the dr so idk what to expect.
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    I got my Mirena put it at Naval in NC while we were still on standard and I didn't have to pay a dime. I wouldn't imagine you would have a copay for the Depo shot. If you're being seen off base that would be a question to ask them.

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    You'll definitely have to pay for the appointment which being the beginning of the fiscal year could easily be your full deductible (unless you went on base or already met it since October). I don't think the coshare for depo would be too bad though honestly but it could be if you haven't met your deductible yet. My first appointment of the year on Standard was almost $200. Not a big deal since we'll stay on Standard and probably meet our cap by February but if you're switching to Prime kind of annoying.
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    I got my depo shot on standard once and I paid $70 ish. It was billed later.

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