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Thread: TDY: when is a rental car authorized?

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    TDY: when is a rental car authorized?

    DH will be TDY for 4-6 weeks, mostly in Florida but with a week or two in Newport, he thinks.

    He won't have a car, of course. How do we know if one will be authorized? What is used to determine that?
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    I think the unit has to determine it based on their budget and where they'll lodge. DH had one 5-month TDY during which they were NOT going to give him a rental car because he was supposed to stay on Post. Insane, IMO. Then there was no availability on post so they were going to give him one after all, and then we went with him anyway so they didn't need to. He's about to go on a week-long TDY during which they ARE going to give him a rental car. It's bizarre, I don't really understand their reckoning.
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    I think really it's just if you can get the command to authorize it! My hubby was able to get one twice, but it was a total pain and only because the unit had money at the time.
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    It all depends on who is paying for the TDY and it they authorize a rental. For my last TDY to Ramstein I contacted the people paying and asked if I got a rental.
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    oh goodness, I didn't know that varied so much. The guys here always get government vehicles when they TDY. How do they expect them to get around?
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    It all depends on the ones paying. If it is cut on his orders, he'll get one.

    Hubby has been on many that they didn't have rentals. They have to use GOV's on base.
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