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Thread: HHG several months after PCS

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    HHG several months after PCS

    Ok so.
    My husband and are dual mil stationed separate coasts currently. When he left(in December), he did not do a HHG move. He didnt get weight tickets or anything. He did get DLA of about $1200, which would be no where near enough to move a one bedroom apartment from SC to WA. So with that small of an amount is how I know that

    He currently lives in WA with minimal furniture. And by minimal I mean he has a futon and a TV.
    I live in SC with a fully furnished one bedroom apartment and our cat.

    And I'm getting out here soon, don't know when I just know I am. It *should* be after August but before December.

    We are trying to figure out how to get our things from SC to WA. Normally, from what I understand when a member retires (only like a .001% chance I'll get medical retirement) they get a one move anywhere in CONUS. However, if a member separates (99% sure this will be my case) and it's honorable conditions they will move you back to your HOR. (my HOR is OH). So hopefully we can still move it under him...

    I read on Dodtravel website that a member has until he PCS again to do their HHG move. For example. Member is stationed at Duty Station A and PCS to Duty Station B and he has until he would PCS to Duty Station C to Do his HHG move from Duty Station A to Duty Station B. (Permanent Change of Station/Relocation - Frequently Asked Questions)

    However, his boat is getting ready to change homeports in Dec/Jan (Everett to Bremerton). He thinks that he'll be able to move to Bremerton in Augustish. So would his "PCS Clock" go with when his command moves him or the boat moves? His "duty station" from my understanding will be Everett until the boat officially moves. Has anyone ever done a HHG move after PCSing? I'm kinda just trying to get a feel here for how things should play out. (PS His homeport change is all over the Nimitz's facebook but doesnt seem to have an answer to this question)

    And I know there would all be lovely questions for Fleet and Family (I think) But who on a Navy base should I direct these questions to? My only PCS, for me, was from Barracks to out in town. As a single person.
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    I think your transportation office (or whatever they are called in the Navy if it is not that) would be the best people to speak to about that. And if they don't know, they should know who you would talk to.

    It sounds as if your case will have some specifics to make it unique to y'all but that is because I have never heard of anyone doing a PCS but without doing anything but getting themselves there. So while I am sure there are people who have experienced it, it just might be best to go to the ones in charge.
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