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Thread: Newborn- Tricare Prime

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    Newborn- Tricare Prime

    We currently have Tricare Standard. I am under the impression that my newborn will have Tricare Prime for the first 60 days. Do I need to get a referral to see a civilian pediatrician or do I just take them to the doctor of my choice just like I would with Tricare Standard? Also, has anybody ever taken their newborn to an out of network pediatrician? Is that even possible? If so, how would that work? Thanks!
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    We were required to see the pediatrician they assigned us on base
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    We have standard and YDD has never been seen on base, always her normal dr's office.
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    I think it varies widely from base to base depending upon the facilities available.

    Our base pediatricians do not have hospital privileges at the facility in town. Because of that we had to choose a doctor from town to see DS in hospital, at three days, and at one week. After that he was transitioned to the physician on base. If I decided to change him to standard to see a physician in town I would go to the Tricare office on base (ours is still currently open, but I've heard many are closed) and switch him from prime to standard. I don't know how out of network providers charge.

    There was/is a rumor here that you can have your children see an off-base ped without switching to Standard, but I was told I had to.
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