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Thread: somethings wrong with my...

  1. patrixgirly
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    somethings wrong with my...

    PERIOD!!! i get it... no problem there but i get it like twice in the same month. i had started for jan. on new years eve. i started for feb. jan. 27th and now i started for march today. anyone else have this problem? im going to the hospital first thing tomorrow morning to get registered in DEERS so i can get to the DR. should i be worried tho?
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    It sounds normal, I just counted the days inbetween what you said and its around 27-28 days!! 28 days is a normal cycle for a normal woman. So I think your fine!
  3. patrixgirly
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    hmmmm ok...
  4. lord help us all!
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    seems fine to me! as long as its consistent and always right around the same length apart, i would say you are perfectly healthy! but if you want to try to move it, get on the pill and talk to your doc about the options of that
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    I was going to say the same thing. It's a 27-28ish day cycle..pretty normal. Most people don't actually get their period the same time every month.

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    perfectly don't start on the 3rd of each month, you start every 28 days on average, some longer, some shorter. I know I am 27 days(have been for 8 years) but some of my friends were as long as 38 all depends. as long as they are coming on a fairly normal basis, I wouldn't be concerned.
  7. patrixgirly
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    its just weird bc it just started happening... it was never like that before. thats y i was concerned

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