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Thread: Another GI Bill Question

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    Another GI Bill Question

    Can a member transfer their GI Bill if they have already used some of it? So for example, my husband used a portion of his towards his degree when he separated and attended AFROTC (he was using it more for income (rent etc) since he had a scholarship to pay for his classes). Now he's back in he is using TA for his masters. Would he be able to transfer the remainder of it to me? Or since he started using it then he can longer transfer it? He still has the Montgomery GI Bill (or whatever it is called) but I understand he can transfer it to the post 9/11 one if he wanted to? Also, how does transfers of GI Bills work in regards to Officers since the transfer is tied to re-enlistment etc?


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    yes he can transfer "remaining" benefits of the Post 9/11 bill.

    ALL members must obligate 4 years of service time And have 6 years AD since 9/11. For Officers I do not know how that works, for the best most currently info I suggest contacting the VA.
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    All the info says officers or enlisted. He needs to just contact the VA and see what he has left and how to go about it because he has to have 4 years retainability.

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