Beneficiaries can access their TRICARE benefits and benefit information on their mobile devices through a variety of mobile applications and mobile-optimized sites.
The mobile version of is accessible on mobile devices including tablets and smartphones simply by typing Home into a mobile device's browser.
Each of the TRICARE regional contractors also has their own mobile site or app:
(1) Health Net, the North Region contractor, operates;
(2) the South Region contractor, Humana Military, has a mobile site at;
(3) In the West Region, UnitedHealth Military &Veterans has a mobile app for mobile devices called "OptumizeMe".

The TRICARE pharmacy contractor Express Scripts, Inc. (ESI) offers both a mobile site, Express Scripts Mobile, Express Rx ... at your fingertips, and an app called Express Rx. Beneficiaries must register with ESI before using the mobile site by going to Activate Your Online Account - For more information, call TRICARE or your contractor.

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